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First Yoga Class Ever

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Most of the concerns about attending a very first yoga class were quickly forgotten after the first few minutes.

Below are some of the concerns you may have before attending your first yoga class:

Will you feel out of place with experienced yoga participants? – At this class, no, because there was a number of other first-timers.

Will you need to know the yoga poses by name? – This was a basic level yoga class, so the poses were both named and demonstrated by the instructor. Those that knew the poses didn’t have a need to watch the instructor the whole time. The new people, needed to watch and listen, while trying to hold the yoga pose. You’ll quickly find yourself looking at other class members as well, to mimic the poses.

What if you cannot do some of the poses? – This can happen, but no need to worry as you can just try to move into the yoga pose, bending your knees if needed for stability. Most class members are too focused on their own yoga to look at others in the class.

People in the class are usually of the healthy friendly personality type. A good part of yoga is about mental clarity and focus – you’ll feel like you are part of a peaceful group of people, while focused on your own sense of wellness.



One benefit of learning the poses at home is so you do not have to turn to face the instructor to see what he or she means by Downward Facing Dog.


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