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The McWrap from Mcdonalds

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The McWrap from Mcdonalds
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The new wrap from Mcdonalds is fast food with a healthy appeal. There are three varieties of the McWrap – Chicken and Bacon (grilled or crispy), Chicken and Sweet Chili, and Chicken Ranch. The best option, in terms of calories and fat, is the Chicken and Bacon wrap – ask for it without the garlic sauce, and choose the Grilled version. Calories for this option are: 460, with 18g of fat (listed on the McDonalds website). The lettuce in this wrap is a Spring Mix, Mesclun style (fancy!).

The calories and fat include the garlic sauce, which we didn’t like, so without it you could save more calories. You could leave off the bacon as well, and save more calories.

The total count of calories and fat (leaving off the tomato, garlic sauce and bacon) is: 370 calories with 12g fat.

The bacon wasn’t all that good, so you won’t miss much. The crispy version of this is 620 calories and 31g of fat.

The one pictured here is the Crispy Chicken and Bacon, no garlic sauce, no tomato. We substituted Chipotle BBQ, which tastes much better than the garlic sauce. You may not be able to tell from the photos, but the wrap is quite large. You might not be able to eat it all, depending how hungry you are.

We hope McDonalds keeps this on the menu as this is a great alternative for those who want a cheaper healthy choice from McDonalds.




Below is the photo of the menu, listing the calories for each wrap, with the prices (2013).


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