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The Fresh Kitchen Experience

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The Fresh Kitchen Experience
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Finally went to the Fresh Kitchen and had a great experience. Had no idea what to expect when first entering the restaurant. The serving and ordering style is akin to going to Moe’s or Chipotle.


Less cryptic than Moe’s pre-named choices, since the menu options are much clearer, and of healthier choices.

The items chosen was the Four Bowl option, which is two base choices, 1 protein choice, and 1 sauce.

You could either order from the listed choices, or point and say, ‘ohhh, I want that one”. We recommend choosing options that pair well together.

Our order was Roasted Brussel Sprouts Spice Rice, Sweet Potato (mash), grilled citrus chicken and a Coconut Sriracha on the side.

Great service and great food quality!!

We also added a FK drink, pictured below:


The only negative was the drink options. The drink we chose was the Macha Milk @ $5. It wasn’t clear that you could have chosen cold green teas, sweetened or unsweetened. The Matcha Milk was a little sweet, and milky – great on it’s own, but perhaps not ideal with the food choices.

Will definitely return to the Fresh Kitchen.

We didn’t see the fat or calories information listed on the menus, which would have been a nice feature.

We’ll add more pictures and add to this review when we get back to FK.

A+ Fresh Kitchen!

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