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Taste of Inspirations – Honey Greek Yogurt

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Taste of Inspirations – Honey Greek Yogurt
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The brands of Greek Yogurt are endless, yet the taste varies from brand to brand. A new brand, Taste of Inspirations has joined the Greek Yogurt craze.

Several of the major brands, such as Oikos and Chobani have their variety of honey yogurt, but both of these brands do not have the Honey on the Bottom. The honey is mixed into the yogurt, so stirring up the bottom you may find NO Honey. The Taste of Inspirations Honey Greek Yogurt actually has the honey on the bottom. The honey isn’t plain honey from a jar, but it is mixed into a paste format on the bottom. It IS from regular honey, just pre-blended on the bottom so it is easy to stir up.

The taste? Very very good. Oikos seems to be too strong, and Chobani Honey Greek Yogurt seems to be too weak, but on this one, it is just right.

A plus is that it is on the bottom like a fruit yogurt.

Greek Nonfat Yogurt with Honey

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