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Spring and Summer Rolls

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Spring and Summer Rolls
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Summer Rolls

A simple review of Spring and Summer rolls:

Eaten in a Vietnamese restaurant, the ‘appetizer’ before the main meal. Pictured here are two spring rolls, the smaller fried rolls, and the Summer rolls, the larger pale colored rolls.

The Spring rolls are served hot, and the Summer rolls are served cold, and each came with a dipping sauce which complemented the flavor of each rolls.

The Spring rolls came with an oily sauce with lots of spice and the Summer rolls came with a thick soy sauce type of flavor.

The Spring rolls, while fried and less healthy, tasted better than the Summer rolls.

The flavor of the Summer rolls just wasn’t there, and needed much more of the dipping sauce to make the taste more pleasing. Still wasn’t as good as the Spring rolls. Aside from flavor, the Summer rolls are cold. Such a contrast in taste and flavor.

Perhaps the Summer rolls would have been better by not having the Spring rolls at the same time.

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors

When author Andrea Nguyen's family was airlifted out of Saigon in 1975, one of the few belongings that her mother hurriedly packed for the journey was her small orange notebook of recipes. Thirty years later, Nguyen has written her own intimate collection of recipes, INTO THE VIETNAMESE KITCHEN, an ambitious debut cookbook that chronicles the food traditions of her native country. Robustly flavored yet delicate, sophisticated yet simple, the recipes include steamy pho noodle soups infused with the aromas of fresh herbs and lime; rich clay-pot preparations of catfish, chicken, and pork; classic bánh mì sandwiches; and an array of Vietnamese charcuterie. Nguyen helps readers shop for essential ingredients, master core cooking techniques, and prepare and serve satisfying meals, whether for two on a weeknight or 12 on a weekend.Reviews

“Andrea Nguyen may be to Vietnamese food what Julia Child was to French fare and Barbara Tropp to Chinese cuisine.”—Chicago Tribune“Best for: Anyone who wants to fall in love—truly, madly, deeply—with Vietnamese food.”—San Jose Mercury News“[A] smart, soulful collection of Vietnamese recipes.”—Saveur“A comprehensive take on a delicate yet dynamic cuisine.”—Philadelphia Inquirer“No other author has presented such a detailed account of the culinary abilities of Vietnamese home cooks, and subjects like the role of pickled vegetables and the techniques of charcuterie have never been so clearly explained for a wide audience.”—New York Times"Only now is Vietnamese food culture getting the attention it deserves, and a book of this beauty and seriousness will do much to explain the origins, traditions, and refinement of the country's cuisine.”—John Mariani's Virtual Gourmet“Nguyen makes Vietnamese cuisine accessible with this extensive cookbook, which stretches from soup to charcuterie.”—Houston Chronicle“An impressive, carefully researched, and thoroughly readable guide to Vietnamese food and culinary tradition.”—Library Journal This is the Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors


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