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Quaker Stila Apple Snack

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Quaker Stila Apple Snack
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A new, weird snack, from Quaker called Stila. These are green apple oat clusters. On the box they look big. or more like smaller popcorn balls. The box contains 5 packages of these oat clusters. Upon opening the 1st package it is clear that these oat clusters are really small, smaller than a popped popcorn kernel.

The apple in each oat cluster is oddly green, as if the apple part is the skin of a Granny Smith apple.

There is more of an apple smell than an apple taste.

The box is unusual, in a shape similar to a trapezoid. Not much in the way of vitamins and minerals. Iron is 2% and Fiber is 8%. 80 calories per package –  you could eat these in under a minute.

One of those products that look interesting enough to try, but…
there is a slim chance you will buy them again,
or even recommend them to someone.

Not THAT bad, worth trying if you can get them real cheap, around $1.30 for the box is what we paid.


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