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Fage Total 2 Percent Greek Honey Yogurt

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Fage Total 2 Percent Greek Honey Yogurt
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One of the many brands of Greek yogurt currently on the market. Many grocery stores will have this in a specialty area in the dairy section, often near the soy milk. If you can’t find this in the regular yogurt section, look there.

The Fage Greek is a little different than the other brands such as Chobani and Oikos. The containers are divided, with the plain Greek yogurt being on one side, and the fruit/filling being in its own container section. Think of it as fruit on the side, rather than fruit on the bottom. A small plus is that you can add the amount of fruit you want. The minus is that it can be messy, especially with this one, the Greek Honey flavor.

The bad part of this variety is that the honey is cold, and does not mix well at all. It will actually stick to the spoon and not mix with the yogurt. Not cool, Fage. Not cool.

This has 190 calories, 25 calories from fat.

What you end up getting is a whole mess of honey draped around the container, and none mixed in the actual yogurt. Since the yogurt is plain, you do not get any good Greek yogurt taste. This MIGHT have tasted good if it was mixable. It was not, so this was one of the worst Greek yogurt flavors made by Fage. Their other flavors are a little better. This is the one to avoid.

Greek Yogurt Fail

Note the solid blob of hard to mix honey


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