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Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi with Truvia

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Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi with Truvia
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image The recently new Truvia you hear in many TV commercials, yes the one with the annoying song that isn’t really a song. This drink by Crystal Light is flavored Strawberry Kiwi, yes it does not contain either fruit. It DOES have purple carrot and hibiscus flower extracts for color. Everything on the Nutritional Facts is near zero value, a good thing, and a bad thing. The calories are 15 per serving. The fat, zero, protein, zero. Really doesn’t have a nutritional value. It is gluten free and has a typical red drink flavor.

There is no flavor to the Truvia.

The bottom below the Truvia logo says that the product is sweetened with sugar AND Truvia.

Interesting how they highlight the natural sweetener, even though there is sugar in this product. Not a whole lot of sugar, but enough to take away what would probably be bitter tasting without being sweetened.

Wouldn’t recommend this over any other low calorie drink. Go for something without sugar.



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