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Blueberry Granola with Flax from Archer Farms

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Blueberry Granola with Flax from Archer Farms
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Blueberry granola cereal with Flax! Sounds healthy-healthy already!


This is the Blueberry Granola from Target stores, under the Archer Farms name. The first thing to notice is the unconventional box top. It is like part-tupperwear and part cereal box. The odd thing is, when you pour the cereal the top tend to come off. Stores the cereal well, just doesn’t function well.

The granola is a combination of light (floating) puffs and heavy (sinking) granola with dried blueberries (which float). The taste is good, nothing ground breaking in the way of granola. The photo makes the cereal look like oatmeal, but, this is a good solid crunchy cereal. To eat this you should combine the spoonful with part of the floating cereal and part of the heavy granola, otherwise you eat all the floating blueberries and end up with just granola.

Would buy this again, especially if they redesign the box so the top doesn’t come off as you pour the cereal.

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