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Can You Get Addicted to Nicorette?

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Can You Get Addicted to Nicorette?
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Nicorette is a popular choice for smokers who want to ween off cigarette, and eventually quit the extremely unhealthy, and expensive habit. Our information on how this tastes come directly from a former smoker (as in several packs a day!).

“The taste is like a mix of cracked black pepper with really strong mint”

nic-gumThe gum contains nicotine to prevent cravings for people addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes. The idea is to slowly lower your intake of nicotine until you no longer want gum with the additive. Probably not a gum of choice for non-smokers due to the taste, the nicotine, and the overall cost.

Some former smokers may use this gum long after their tobacco addiction has ended.

The gum is a lot cheaper than staying addicted to cigarettes. Plus, your health conscious friends won’t mind being around you getting your nicotine.

Nicorette Coated Gum, Fresh Mint, 4mg, 100-Count

For those who smoke less than 25 cigarettes a day. Each piece contains: calcium (94 mg), sodium (13 mg). There are many different flavors, with this flavor being the most common. Might be a better and cheaper option over cigarettes! This is the Nicorette Coated Gum, Fresh Mint, 4mg, 100-Count


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