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The It Works Facial Treatment Cream

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The It Works Facial Treatment Cream
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This is an all-natural non-GMO beauty cream with applicator mask. Our review after trying a single application:

The cream is put on the paper mask, which you then apply to your face. There isn’t a smell right away, but you’ll eventually notice the distinct medical scent.

After about 1 minute you will feel
the lotion warming your skin.

This lasts for about 10 minutes. During the remaining required 35 minutes it just feels like a herbal cream mask.

You are supposed to remove the mask, and run in any cream that did not absorb. There is a scent, but not a Bath and Body Works type of scent. You will want to do this before bed and sleep an hour or so after.

Your skin will look and feel refreshed in the morning.

The instructions in the applicator kit will recommend how often you can do the mask. This is something you will want to repeat several times for the noticeable cleansing.

It Works! Facial Applicator 4 Treatments

The exclusive 45-minute Facial Applicator from It Works! uses a cream-infused cloth wrap to deliver intensive revitalizing benefits to the face that dramatically rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 45 minutes. Skin looks and feels softer, smoother, and revitalized with a healthy glow. Continuously hydrates for fresher, more luminous skin and a younger-looking you. Deep hydration, botanically based mask Produces a lifting effect Firms and invigorates skin Softens fine lines & wrinkles Results in as little as 45 minutes Includes 4 Applicators. This is the It Works! Facial Applicator 4 Treatments


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