Top Brands of Greek Yogurt

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The Greek Yogurt Craze of 2011-2012

The latest craze in yogurt is the Greek Yogurt, and if you have tried any brand of this style of yogurt, you will easily understand why there are many different brands of this new yogurt style. Some of the brands are new, and exclusively producing Greek Yogurt, while others, like the big players Dannon and Yoplait, have added their version of Greek Yogurt.

These are the brands that we have tried, and reviewed:

Dannon – They make their Greek Yogurt under the name Oikos.
Yoplait – Under their own name.
Chobani – Quite possibly the king of the Greek Yogurt, mostly because of the taste and overall quality.
Fage – Those unique split containers where the fruit is on the side instead of the bottom.
Voskos – A new one, non-fat Gluten free Greek yogurt. Package says Better Than Good.

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Store Brands – too many to list, but most supermarket has their version of Greek Yogurt. Includes stores like Publix, Shop Rite, Sweet Bay(Hannaford), Grand Union, and others.

Our choice for best is Chobani.
Fage seems to try to be too fancy with their container, while Dannon and Yoplait are better at their signature style of ‘Fruit on the Bottom’ (Dannon), and pre-blended (Yoplait).

Read our review of the Chobani:

Greek Yogurt Review

Slideshow of Greek Yogurt Containers

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