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Making Massaman Curry at Home

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To make this at home you need:

1 Onion
Potatoes, about 5 (we used Red Potatoes), diced
1 Can of Coconut Milk – standard size, 16 oz we think
1-2 pounds of boneless chicken, diced, about 2 chicken breasts
1 can of Massaman Curry Paste (see picture) 114g
Canola Oil (or olive oil)
Warm Water
a deep pot/wok depth, with a lid

Basmati Rice, if you want a good rice with the meal.


saute onions in the 1/5th cup of oil
add the chicken, cook until outer is cooked.
add the massaman curry paste, most of the can
add some water, about 1/3 cup or so, and stir.

add the whole can of coconut milk and mix.
add the potatoes, and enough water to just cover the potatoes.
NOTE: You can also add more coconut milk instead of water, this will make the dish liquid closer to what you get in a restaurant. You’ll need the bigger can of coconut milk if this is desired. Most supply stores have different size cans.
Simmer with lid until potatoes are done.

Check the photos for what your dish should look like:







The above photo is the Massaman Curry, just before covering with lid.

If the color of the liquid seems too light, add the rest of the Massaman Curry paste. Note: the more you add, the more SPICY the dish.

Below is the final dish, with roasted unsalted cashews added(optional)
The rice is also optional, but recommended!


Healthy? Not sure, but it is soooo good!!!!

The can says Masaman Curry, but most Thai restaurants will spell it Massaman

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