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How to Make the Boca Burger Taste Better

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These are probably the best vegetarian burgers you can get in the frozen section of the grocery store. One problem these have is that they are quite dry because they have zero trans fat.

The best way to make these cook, and taste better is to add a small amount of olive oil (or canola oil) to the pan before placing the frozen Boca Burger in the pan.

The oil will help add a nice crisp layer to each side of the burger, prevent it from sticking, and add a much better flavor to the burger.

The oil will seal the surfaces and keep the inside of the burger moist. Also, the crispness does add a nice cooked flavor, making the burgers go from good, to way awesome.

One great taste to add instead of cheese on the burger is mashed avocado.

You can also add real thin slices – either format really adds a good healthy flavor to the whole vegetarian burger experience.

You’ll get a great flavor just by how you cook the burger vs adding different toppings. Have yet to try these on an outdoor grill. Guessing that the oil is ESSENTIAL if you try to cook on a BBQ  because the Boca Burgers are try and tend to stick.

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